Harshini and Lewis / Kalamazoo Engagement Photographer

I met Harshini through Airbnb. We were looking to rent a house for a special shoot and I LOVED the natural light and neutral colors in her Kalamazoo craftsman house. The shoot fell through, but Harshini, learning that I’m a photographer, asked if I shot weddings. As she started telling me about her fiance Lewis and their upcoming backyard-dinner-party-intimate wedding, I fell in love with her effervescent spirit.

We started brainstorming locations for their engagement session, and realized that their home was the perfect place. It’s where their wedding will be, and no other place felt more “them.”

The whole session, Lewis had Harshini laughing. I know that for many years to come, that sweet sound will echo through the halls of that beautiful craftsman house.

Harshini and Lewis-19Harshini and Lewis-6Harshini and Lewis-20Harshini and Lewis-16Harshini and Lewis-23Harshini and Lewis-39Harshini and Lewis-56Harshini and Lewis-67Harshini and Lewis-71Harshini and Lewis-76Harshini and Lewis-78


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