Rhian and Danny / Chicago Engagement Session

I’m always down for discovering new places and an engagement photography session at Morton Arboretum sounded like a dream. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect couple to explore with. Rhian is my husband’s little sister and although 7 years apart, they both have the Whitehurst gene for goofery. Danny obviously fits into the family very well. When Rhian asked if I would prefer to be a bridesmaid or the photographer, I felt so honored. It was an easy choice because 1. SHE’S SUPER PRETTY AND I LOVE TO TAKE HER PICTURE and 2. I’ll still get to spend all day with her. For their engagement session, we went on an adventure in the forest ending with a super sweet moment under a flowering tree.

Gosh, I love these guys. I can’t wait for your wedding. It’s going to be EPIC.

Rhian+Danny-21Rhian+Danny-52Rhian+Danny-62Rhian+Danny-85Rhian+Danny-91Rhian+Danny-95Rhian+Danny-117Rhian+Danny-122Rhian+Danny-124Rhian+Danny-100Rhian+Danny-128Rhian+Danny-139Rhian+Danny-150Rhian+Danny-161Rhian+Danny-165Rhian+Danny-179Rhian+Danny-39 double


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