The Schultzes / Mattawan Michigan Wedding Photography

I was dying to photograph this apple orchard, farm-to-table, brewery reception wedding from the moment Andrew told me he was going to propose to Ruth. Colin and I were sitting outside at Texas Corners Brewing Company on our first date night since moving back to Michigan. I’ve known Andrew for years from school and his family farm, but I had never seen him so giddy… smile crinkles dancing in place happy.

The whole wedding was full to overflowing with joy. From an outdoor ceremony with the orchard as a backdrop to the reception at the brewery and the best wedding band I’ve ever heard (seriously, their rendition of Up Town Funk was AMAZING), it was the kind of wedding I could have stayed at forever. At the end of the night, Ruth asked to take a picture with me because “You’re not just our photographer, you’re our friend!”

Folks, that’s what I live for.

Schultz-4_SchultzWedding-1Schultz-49_SchultzWedding-1Schultz-65_SchultzWedding-1Schultz-82_SchultzWedding-1Schultz-96_SchultzWedding-1Schultz-234_SchultzWedding-1Schultz-87_SchultzWedding-1Schultz-102_SchultzWedding-1Schultz-120_SchultzWedding-1Schultz-128_SchultzWedding-1Schultz-171_SchultzWedding-1Schultz-185_SchultzWedding-1Schultz-194_SchultzWedding-1Schultz-217_SchultzWedding-1Schultz-230_SchultzWedding-1Photo by www.adventurephotostories.comSchultz-285_SchultzWedding-1Schultz-399_SchultzWedding-1Schultz-392_SchultzWeddingSchultz-371_SchultzWedding-1Schultz-508_SchultzWeddingSchultz-454_SchultzWedding-1Schultz-549_SchultzWeddingSchultz-624_SchultzWeddingSchultz-639_SchultzWeddingSchultz-675_SchultzWeddingSchultz-715_SchultzWeddingSchultz-731_SchultzWeddingSchultz-754_SchultzWeddingSchultz-758_SchultzWeddingIMG_4967_SchultzWeddingSchultz-838_SchultzWeddingSchultz-844_SchultzWeddingSchultz-849_SchultzWeddingSchultz-33_SchultzWeddingSchultz-28_SchultzWeddingSchultz-898_SchultzWeddingSchultz-915_SchultzWeddingSchultz-953_SchultzWeddingSchultz-1028_SchultzWeddingSchultz-1082_SchultzWeddingSchultz-1129_SchultzWeddingSchultz-1208_SchultzWedding


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